One less motherfucker on this planet.

One thing that struck me when I was reading the news and watching news clips was the people outside the hospital he'd been stuck in for the past week crying for him. Of sadness. I initially thought that they were crying of happiness that this worthless bag of shit was finally dying. But no, those people out there were his supporters and were actually sad that he was dying.

People actually support him!

Unlike the military governments of Argentina and Cuba where they deposesed another dictator and the one after the civil war in Spain where both sides where just as bad, the coup d'etat in Chile overthrew a legitimate government.

How can you possibly justify supporting an asshole who raped and pillaged a country in name of a minority of people by spreading fear and murdering thousands of persons? How can you bring yourself to say that he is a good man? His supporters argue that he saved the country from a marxist government and commercial ruin. Yet I fail to see how this justifies those deaths. Let me point out that most of that commercial ruin that Chile was stuck in before the coup was caused by no other than the great US of A and it's CIA who were (and still are) sticking their dick into other countries like no one's business.

And then one of these brain-dead jackasses who are standing outside the hospital crying their eyeballs out for this industrial-scale serial killer says something along the lines of: He was an exemplary man, just like Franciso Franco.

Oh yeah, great example there, because Francisco Franco was not another mass murderer. Seriously though, what is up with all these upper class catholics looking up to these people? Going to church every sunday, praying before bedtime, calling yourself dictator-for-life-because-my-pal-god-says-so and murdering people aren't compatible no matter how you look at it.

Sadly, he got to die on a comfortable hospital bed surrounded by his family. Unlike the 3,000+ persons he murdered, who froze or drowned to death after being thrown out of airplanes over the ocean, who where machine gunned into common graves, or died in some dark basement after being tortured for weeks on end.

He was a religious man, I hope he's sodomized by a bunch of giant sex-crazed monkeys with razor blades on their dicks for all of eternity. And that still wouldn't pay for his crimes.

I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its own people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves.Henry Kissinger (unsourced though)


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