Throughout history, marriage has formed the cornerstone of human society, and we experiment with that institution at our own peril.

Of course, throughout history, it’s more common to find societies where men take multiple wives. I don’t see why we need to redefine that part of marriage.

Also, most marriages were arranged by elders to establish economic liaisons between families. And the family of the bride was usually prepared to pay the family of the groom a healthy amount to take her off their hands.

Now the liberals are trying to shove this whole monogamous marriage for romantic love fad down our throats. I’m a real conservative. I want six wives chosen by my dad, and I want each one to come with a free donkey.



2 Responses to Cita VIII

  1. aidich says:

    Pensaba que habías dicho que los posts interesantes eran escasos!

    Wow…aguantar a un tío entre 6, y encima con un burro! Me apunto!!

  2. Hermann says:

    Jaja, ya ves, la última frase es buenísima. El comic del enlace es bastante bueno también :-)

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