recently the justice system has been getting more and more leanient especially to murderers. now im not jst suggesting bring back hanging because theie lowlife scum but it would also save millions of taxpayers pounds. so who do i think should be hung mass murderers,pedophiles and also for treason. the way in which i think they should be killed is the electric chair which has proved effective in the states thank-you for taking your time to read this

alex, some jackass on

Yeah, and we can start by electrocuting you for this nightmare inducing abuse of the english language.

The downside of freedom of expression: brain-dead meatbags.


2 Responses to Zzzzzzzzzt

  1. ben says:

    “proved effective in the states” yes thats why America is number 24 of murder rate per capita while the UK is number 46, and Spain is 48:

    One false positive while creating a puppy/kitten detector is acceptable, one false positive sentencing a person to death isn’t; unless that one falsely convicted man is the jackass that suggested the above.

  2. aidich says:

    Unbelievable. So, people who think like this… they actually exist? I thought it was an invention for kids to be scared or something. Again, unbelievable.

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