I watched Primer last night and I had no fucking clue what was going on. It didn’t help that I watched it in spanish after getting it from eMule and the dubbing was not very good. I need to watch it again in English. From the wikipedia page there’s a link to the movie on Google Video, but the quality sucks. I might try to get both copies running and mute the spanish one.

The idea of the movie is two engineers accidentally discover how to time travel. Initially they using the machine to win money in the stock market, but as they start to realize how the machine lets them change different aspects of their life things start to get out of control.

What’s interesting about the movie is the way the time machines work. Without giving much away the basic concept is you have to already know you are going to want to timetravel back to some point in time at that same point in time. Unlike other time travel movies, you can’t just go back to whenever you want. Plus, you have to sit in the time machine for as long as you want to go back.

If you’ve already watched the movie here’s a few things that might help understand it:

Seriously, watch it.


2 Responses to Wait… what?

  1. nils says:

    True, i watched the movie like a year ago i really got crazy about it, but googling about it i found a lot of theorys and i think that the fact that a movie is discussed that way is really impressive. I mean, normally when you watch a movie you just watch it and forget about it, but this one makes you fell like WTF! and try to understand what it is really about.

    I am trying to remember more movies that gave the same feeling, but for the moment i can only think about Pi and The Fountain… it would be cool to make a list of these kind of movies…

  2. aidich says:

    wow, never heard of that film, but it really does sound interesting!! i’ll try and find out where to get it ;) thanks!!

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