I recently found myself with the need to get past the office firewall to listen to some last.fm tunage. To such end I created a ssh tunnel to my server and proceeded to configure the official last.fm player to work through the proxy. Imagine my surprise when it didn’t work! Shocked I was. Shocked and surprised. And cursing.

After much ngrep-ing I came to the conclusion that the last.fm player was not implementing the SOCKS protocol but was just doing straight-forward proxy. A quick google search revealed that Qt has a proxy connection managment class called QNetworkProxy which meant all the work was done for me. I copy-and-pasted the code and it worked. Proud of my deductive skills, programming ability and boyish good looks I sent them an email with my patch, expecting some sort of answer.

A ‘kay cool would have done.

But not only did those bastards* not hire me, they also ignore my emails.

So here goes the patch. It’s against though, but I think it should work just fine against which is the one I originally fixed. (I downgraded because wasn’t working correctly and because it wasn’t on SVN at the time)

svn co svn://svn.audioscrobbler.net/client/Audioscrobbler/tags/ lastfm
cd lastfm
patch -p0 < /path/to/socks.patch
make && make install

The patch is hard coded to work with SOCKS 5, I haven’t tested it with anything else.

* but in a good way. I like them. Really, I do.


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  1. demimismo says:

    Fuck Last.fm!

    Y olé por el parche :-)

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